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How to choose boxing shoes

High-quality boxing shoes give the athlete stability in the ring, confidence in movements, and also protect the foot and lower leg from injuries. Boxing shoes are very similar to wrestling shoes, but nevertheless, they have some differences in details and designs. To get the expected result from boxing shoes, you need to consider some of the important nuances when choosing them.


According to website, shoes are made from synthetic materials, as well as light leather or suede. Breathability of shoes is directly related to the comfort of the athlete. Non-breathing models, even the ones from genuine leather, cannot provide the necessary air circulation. Therefore, some manufacturers use a mesh as a material to eliminate the feeling of heaviness in the feet, which can occur due to the accumulation of sweat.


The sole of the boxing shoes is textured. Its most common pattern is the Christmas tree. This technology of the sole gives the effect of anti-slip and provides the dynamics of the boxer’s movements in the ring, as well as traction back and forth during lunges and deviations.


One of the well-known manufacturers of sports shoes – Adidas – actively uses modern technology to improve ventilation of shoes and traction of the sole with the surface. Special ventilation ducts remove moisture and lower the temperature inside the shoe, providing optimal control over the humidity level. The sole is made of a special rubber compound, which is characterized by wear resistance and excellent traction, even with a small weight of the athlete.

The famous British brand Lonsdale is also loved by many world-class athletes for its outstanding design and soft, durable sole that combines several types of rubber. Boxing shoes of this company sit well on the foot, hold the foot tight and fix the heel. The upper part is made of synthetic material that allows the foot to “breathe”. Toe and heel are made of high quality leather or suede.

Green Hill is another worthy notice manufacturer of shoes for boxing and other martial arts. The quality of the shoes meets the requirements of international organizations: a durable non-slip sole, light weight, a comfortable microclimate inside, decent protection for the athlete’s legs and feet. The models of this company are wear-resistant, while their price remains affordable. In 2004, Green Hill was recognized by the International Amateur Boxing Organization for its high quality boxing equipment.

Ankle height

Boxers are most at risk for ankle damage. Properly selected boxing shoes perform the function of protecting the feet and legs from injuries, they reliably fix the athlete’s ankle with laces and Velcro.

Boxing shoes can be different in height. Depending on the style of boxing, the following types are distinguished:

High – the shaft reaches 1/3 of the leg, up to 25 cm. They are warmer and heavier than low models. The high shaft additionally supports the calf and lower leg, reliably fixes the ankle, protecting against injuries during the fight. But you need to choose boxing shoes of such a model very carefully. If the shoes are chosen incorrectly, then there may be a violation of blood circulation in the athlete’s legs. This will cause not only discomfort during the fight, but will also harm the health of the boxer.

Middle – the shaft is from 15 to 20 cm high. These boxing shoes are an intermediate option. They fix the ankle, but the leg, at the same time, remains mobile. This model is suitable for those who are not ready to sacrifice security and want to minimize the risk of injury.

Low – the shaft is from 10 to 15 cm high. This is the lightest model that does not overload the leg with excess weight and does not limit its mobility. Such boxing shoes, first of all, protect the foot from dislocations and unsuccessful touchdowns. They are more suitable for athletes who prefer the technique of quick movement in the ring.

It is best to have several pairs of shoes, as professional athletes do, because each of the models is designed for certain conditions and combat techniques.

Size matters

When choosing boxing shoes, you need to pay attention to the completeness of the pad and the length of the insole. With the wrong choice of size, the entire set of technologies laid down by the manufacturer will not make any sense. Such shoes not only will not bring the desired result, but can also cause discomfort for its owner. Boxing shoes should fit snugly to the foot, securely fix it, but at the same time not hamper the athlete’s movements.

Shoes should be made of quality materials, meet the conditions and goals of their use, protect from injuries, be comfortable and just nice for the athlete. Only then the boxer will be able to concentrate as much as possible on the fight and the opponent, without being distracted by the discomfort in his shoes.