How does a hot glue gun work?

Glue guns have recently become very popular not only in construction, but also in everyday life. Owners of new tools have long understood that it is much easier to glue and use this type of glue is much more effective even in terms of savings. It glues literally instantly and adheres to almost every surface. It is used by retailers in shops, loaders in warehouses, builders during repairs and even by children to make handicrafts. Such a tool is really an indispensable assistant to the modern man and, having bought this device, a lot when working with it will be nothing. But the factor of the right choice here is very high, there are many varieties of new tools and each has its own features. We read this material to buy the right glue gun and never feel the discomfort of its use.

What kind of tool is it and how does it work?

We will now without rush get into the principle of the glue gun and gradually move on to questions of choice. After reading through to the end, each reader will be a professional in the subject, which is our only and main task. So, first of all, let’s consider the principle of an ingenious device. If we look at the appearance of any model, we will see the resemblance to the weapon, which was included in its name. It is also clear that they can be glued. This process is quite ordinary, there is special glue ammo (we will tell you more about them a little bit later), which are loaded into our glue gun. 

When the device is switched on, the cartridges start heating up to a temperature above 100 degrees and melt. By pulling the trigger, we can gradually squeeze out the hot adhesive flow and apply it to the surface of the bonded parts. The main advantage of this glue over analogues is the rapid cooling of the molten glue. After literally 10 minutes you can already use the glued items, and small drops cool down even in seconds. Another positive feature of glue from a glue gun is the ability to stick to anything, but more about this further. And before we start the next item, let us enlighten you about other names of our wonderful device. Besides the name “glue gun”, it is very often called “hot gun”, “glue gun”, “hot glue gun” and even “glue gun”, all of which we will try to use for better memorization. And the above mentioned completely emphasizes the essence of the tool, because it is a device that allows you to work with hot glue through high temperature.

What materials can be glued with a thermal glue gun?

There is not much to say about materials – you can glue almost everything. With the glue gun you can glue wood, plastic, rubber, glass, metals (it is better to heat them up with a hair dryer before work, because of the high thermal conductivity), fabric, foam, ceramics, cardboard, paper, flowers, etc. The only thing that some types of plastic and textiles are reluctant to bind, only such exceptions are rare. 

Similarly, it is not possible to glue something to plaster and concrete. It is necessary to understand at once that rods with glue are of different kinds and under different materials they are different, but the classical colorless rod can glue all listed. Now, perhaps, it is clear what such a huge popularity of this tool is. And we do not think that such glue was invented only recently, it was before, but a handy tool has been recreated only now.

Let’s begin the choice. Professional or household tool.

We have already figured out what a glue gun is, now it is time to choose a new tool. And the first criterion for selection is to choose between professional and household types. But it’s not that simple, the classification is very delicate. According to one principle, professional hot glue guns are only tools with automatic feed rods. According to other rules, hand tools can also be part of the professional tool group. And we will take the side here, because the automatic core feed is used on expensive thermal glue guns in factory conditions. 

There, the glue gun operates for 24 hours without switching off, and the importance of not constantly pressing the lever is a very important factor to improve the performance and durability of the instrument. For construction work, even professional hot guns have a mechanical glue supply. Therefore, automatic glue dispensers will be discarded immediately, because even in a professional shop it is difficult to buy such devices, they are already made especially for factory tools for conveyors. We are interested in a simpler tool, but it can also be referred to the professional category (although in reality it refers to semi-professional products).